IBDiscover trial opportunities

We’re excited to introduce you to the opportunities of the ADVANCE and MOTIVATE clinical studies as part of a program called IBDiscover. These two studies share the same goal – to learn more about an investigational biologic treatment for Crohn’s disease.

About the studies

Conventional drugs for Crohn’s disease often aim to control inflammation in the gut or tackle specific symptoms. While some people find relief with these conventional therapies, others do not.

Biologic drugs (sometimes called biologics) are one alternative to conventional therapies. Biologics work by targeting specific proteins in the body that cause inflammation.

The ADVANCE and MOTIVATE studies aim to understand if an investigational biologic drug could be effective for people who have struggled to find a Crohn’s disease treatment that works for them.

What taking part means for you

If you qualify and choose to participate, you could be in the study for up to 49 weeks.

During the screening period and dosing period, you would visit a study clinic about once a month, with a final follow-up phone call after 20 weeks. You don’t need insurance to participate. Your travel to and from visits will also be covered.


Nori Health is not part of the IBDiscover program, but present this as one option for people who have struggled to find a treatment that works for them.

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