If you have received a code from one of our partners (such as a hospital, insurer or pharmaceutical company) you might be eligible for free or discounted access to the Nori Health program.

How do I use the partnercode?

During registration you can enter the partnercode. Your discount will be automatically applied.

Why do I need to enter the partnercode?

We work with partners to provide the Nori Health program to patients. Because these partners might pay for your access, we need to be able to provide them with proof of registration.

Please note that using the Nori Health program is completely secure and private, also if you use a partnercode. There might be limited sharing of anonymized data with partners in order to improve their offering. You can read details in the privacy policy – please do so before accepting.

I don’t have a partnercode?

You can still register for the Nori Health program. Leave the partnercode field blank.