About Nori Health

On a mission to close the 30% gap in quality of life between chronic disease patients and healthy people.

More than half of all adults now live with a chronic disease. This puts tremendous pressure on the global health system and for patients this means that for the rest of their life they have to live with a disease, which completely changes their state of mind. From a practical perspective it changes their lives literally. In many cases these chronic diseases are manageable. But there is a lack of support in between doctor’s visits due to heavy workload and the personal nature of these conditions.

We are on a mission to change that. With a dedicated team we are building digital products that will provide personalized support for anyone living with a chronic disease – to make changes in lifestyle and behavior, and have a better quality of life.

Founding team

Roeland Pater

Founder and CEO. Ex-SkinVision.


Dandyano Zentveld

Co-founder and Business Development Lead. Ex-KPN.


Lisa Booth

Co-founder and Health Lead. Ex-Ginger.io.


Christian Vogel

Co-founder and CTO. Ex-Nine Connections.



The Nori Health program is designed together with healthcare experts from hospitals, universities and others in order to deliver the most beneficial outcomes.

Medical advisory team

Sander van der Marel

MD, Gastroenterology
Haaglanden Hospital

Jeroen Maljaars

MD, Gastroenterology
LUMC Hospital

Lisette Böhne

Healthcare Privacy Officer
The Rookie Minds

Join Nori.

We are always looking for quality additions to the team.

If you feel strongly about what we do, introduce yourself to Roeland: roeland@norihealth.com


The NORI HEALTH™ program is CE-certified as Class 1 medical device.
Additionally it has been trademarked in Europe and the US. For more about US market regulation please read here.