Nori helps you improve your life.


Nori is your digital coach and counsellor. She is computer-driven to help thousands at the same time. But Nori understands what it takes for you to optimize your quality of life based on your personal profile and needs.

The 6-week Nori Health™ program includes unlimited anonymous conversations.

It’s time for better self care.

Energy levels

✔  Improve your energy in daily life
✔  Optimize diet with research-based ingredients
✔  Build simple hydration routines
✔  Have daily exercising integrated in your life
and much more

Mental strength

✔  Find ways to improve your mental health
✔  Become closer with people important to you
✔  Learn ways to be more open and accepting
✔  Find stability in your social life
and much more

Stress reduction

✔  Optimize work/life balance
✔  Learn research-based stress reduction
✔  Find ways to be resilient and calm
✔  Discover underlying stress triggers
and much more


Nori is powered by artificial intelligence and a library of 100+ scientifically proven topics.
Tailored to enhance your quality of life.

The Nori Health program is designed together with healthcare experts from hospitals, universities and others in order to deliver the most beneficial outcomes.

Our founder’s health story

“For years I have been silent about living with Crohn’s Disease because I knew that people would not understand. They would not see it. In my professional life people would judge it, would deny me jobs because of it. But now I will speak out.”

Read Roeland’s Story on Huffington Post


Someone who is always there for you.

Nori will have conversations with you about almost everything that impacts your condition. She learns about you and what triggers your symptoms.

Find relief, finally.

By anonymously sharing your frustrations and challenges, Nori will help you discover the changes you need to feel like yourself again.

The result is a stronger body and mental wellbeing that supports a healthy social life with positive relationships.


It’s advised to complete the program every 6 months for recalibration of your lifestyle.


✔ Average improvement in daily management of the condition, which include diet and exercising.


✔ Of our users who used to miss out on social activities, no longer do after completing the program.

“There is a clear need among IBD patients for access to more support than just medication and surgery. The personal, tailor-made aspect of Nori Health is a very welcome addition to the healthcare market.”

– Tineke Markus, CEO of Dutch Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation

Did one of our partners refer you? Here’s where you start.

We work together with hospitals, insurers, pharmaceutical companies and other specialists to provide the Nori Health program to their patients. If you have been referred, you might be eligible for discounted or free access. Click below to learn more how to activate your 6-week program with Nori.

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Your conversations are safe with us. Nori Health is compliant with the highest privacy standards.