How this benefits you.

Have regular conversations with Nori, whenever you want to. She helps you to make better lifestyle choices. And improve your quality of life by decreasing Crohn’s or Colitis symptoms. The more people that talk with Nori, the smarter she becomes. The whole community benefits.

So, Nori is a robot?

Yes, Nori is a so called chatbot. She is sincere and very well trained by humans. The Nori Health support team is always available if you want to speak to a human. Just click the blue ‘question mark’ button on the lower right at anytime.


Someone who is always there for you.

Nori will ask you questions about everything that impacts inflammatory bowel disease. She learns about everything that triggers symptoms.

Nutrition support

Hydration tracking

Stress management

Medication adherence

Tobacco / alcohol abuse

Mental support


Listen to Nori’s personal advice.

The more you talk to Nori, the more she learns about you. Receive personal tips everyday to make lifestyle and behavioral changes that lighten your symptoms.

Feel a little bit better everyday.

Work on increasing your personal quality of life score. Use the tips that Nori gives you, and find out that even the smallest changes can make you feel a little better.



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Your conversations are safe with us. Nori Health is compliant with the highest privacy standards.

Our mission.

The current strategy in chronic disease management is ‘hope’. We believe we can do better.
It’s our mission to give you the support you deserve, to live as best as you possibly can.