Better support for high-risk populations.


Chronic diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes and obesity are some of the leading causes of skyrocketing healthcare premiums.

Nori Health for insurers.

Nori helps your high-risk population to make better lifestyle choices and increase quality of life. Taking the pressure off the healthcare system with the goal to decrease hospital visits and medication needs.

The Nori Health chatbot

Nori is a chatbot. She is sincere and very well trained by humans. She helps to make better lifestyle choices and improve quality of life by decreasing chronic disease symptoms. Starting with Crohn’s and Colitis. The more people that talk with Nori, the smarter she becomes. The whole community benefits.

The current strategy in chronic disease management is ‘hope’. We believe we can do better.


Let’s provide better support for people that live with a chronic disease. So that they feel healthier, and need less medical care over time.

As partner of Nori Health, you offer year-round support in between doctor’s visits. Because this population needs more care than just medical care to improve quality of life.

We have a common goal and ambition to make sure that chronic disease patients live as healthy as they possibly can. To make their life better everyday, and to lower your cost of care.

Drive the innovation culture at your company by working with one of the most exciting startups in chronic disease management. A partnership provides faster learnings in this field.

Pilot opportunities.

We engage with insurance companies in pilot campaigns to prove the impact on patient cost and outcomes. Leave your details below to receive the Pilot Information Pack.