Digital therapies for inflammatory diseases.


We improve patient engagement and adherence, to accompany and extend (medication) treatment.

Nori Health for pharmaceutical companies.

We partner with (bio)pharmaceutical companies for seamless implementation of digital treatment.
Our modular digital therapy programs offer full customization to fit your digital strategy, and to meet your milestones faster.

Virtual trials

From onboarding participants, distributing study brochures, getting (e)consent – to gathering outcome data in your desired format. We are your platform partner in any virtual trial.

Treatment companion

Solidify relationships with healthcare professionals by offering engaging programs to their patients – to optimize disease management, social life and well being.

Digital biomarkers

The next step in the future of care and prevention is identifying symptom triggers from datasets. Our anonymized data connects lifestyle behavior to medical symptoms.

Intelligent conversational coaching for patients.


Intuitive digital therapy programs that enable patients to gather deep insights into their disease management and well being, through natural conversations with (AI-driven) digital coaches.

Patients improve management of their condition, confidence in (medication) treatment, pain and fatigue symptoms, and overall quality of life.

Image exampleNori Health for IBD (Crohn’s & Colitis), CE-certified and live on the market.


How our products align with pharma perfectly.

Balanced gamification

An important part of our programs is the gaming-like experience that enables an unmatched interaction. We believe that disease management should not feel like medical treatment.

Customizable PRO(M)s and format

The key insight for any digital therapy is outcome data. Our modular PRO(M)s integration enables this. Integrate your preferred question set and our conversational structure delivers high completion rates.

Intuitive (study) onboarding

Our programs are used as digital platform in virtual studies to offer seamless experiences to patients. From onboarding, study information, to consent, data collection and more.

Our pipeline

Our focus is on (chronic) inflammatory diseases across therapeutic areas, with overlapping treatment options and symptomatology.

Crohn’s & Colitis (IBD)

Stage: CE-certified, on the market.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Stage: Discovery phase.

Inflammatory conditions

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