Patient testimonials

Here you will find a selection of feedback we have received from patients involved in our program. Due to the sensitive nature of this condition, not all testimonials include identifiable information.

This was very helpful, thank you. The holistic elements of the program made me become less stressed overall which impacts my symptoms positively as well.

– United Kingdom

Instead of working on a big list of possible improvements, I have now worked 1 by 1 which was much better and less stressful.

– The Netherlands

Doug Hopkins (57), successfully managing debilitating IBS flare ups with Nori.

Doug Hopkins, Managing Director of a Cheshire-based business consultancy has suffered from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for many years, being formally diagnosed three years ago. His condition sees him suffer extreme fatigue and depression, among other symptoms. Going out is particularly stressful as he is “always looking around to see where the toilets are.” 


Frustrated with a cocktail of medication that only kept the most serious symptoms at bay, rather than improving his quality of life, Doug decided to try Nori’s complementary coaching app. He has now been using Nori to help manage his IBS alongside medication. 


Nori’s AI-powered digital coach for people living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and IBS has seen Doug take greater, more informed control of his lifestyle and diet – helping reduce flare ups and reducing the associated stress. Doug’s interaction with the app, alongside its personalised reminders has provided much greater support than the clinical advice he has received. 


As he says, “Little snippets about different foods or liquids and how they affected me is something that the clinicians don’t really say. They just mention avoid items. I didn’t know for instance that even a small amount of alcohol had such an effect.”


Doug says he would “100%” recommend Nori to those living with IBD / IBS, as “it learns about you and your day to day life”. As well as offering personalised insight to help manage the condition, he appreciates the ability to interact with Nori on his own terms, with the apps’ non-intrusive and supportive approach. 


He believes others with IBD / IBS would benefit from what the app can offer as it tracks advances in nutrition and clinical research and can act as a great source of up-to-date information on managing this debilitating condition.