Impact of our 6-week program.


Nori aims to help with improving your quality of life, and in the end decreasing possible symptoms.

Our short-term results have been published in the  journal, you can view/download the abstract here. This journal is a publication by:

We have started ADJUVANT, a clinical study to further investigate the impact of our digital therapy program for IBD patients.

The study is done in partnership with THINC (The Healthcare Innovation Center, UMC Utrecht hospital) in the Elisabeth-TweeSteden hospital and Radboudmc hospital, all in The Netherlands. In the next phase more hospitals will be included.

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Our tests in partnership with patient organizations show promising results. Below you can read more about these outcomes* for people with IBD and (chronic) IBS.

In a 6-week digital therapeutics program with chatbot coach Nori,
we aim to improve both practical and psychological lifestyle factors that impact the way you feel in daily life.

* Please note that all results published on this page are not scientific outcomes. We have completed these tests to establish first results of the program, which will be followed by scientific research.

Daily management


Average increase in score for daily management of the condition, which includes practical improvement in factors such as diet and exercising routines.

Social life


Of participants that completed the program indicate that they missed key social activities before the program, but did not anymore in the final 2 weeks of the program.



Of participants that completed the program believe that they have the right treatment for their condition, while they did not believe this before starting the program.



Of participants are actively referring friends or family members that live with the same condition to the Nori program, hoping that they will complete it too.



Of participants that completed the program indicated extreme fatigue before the program, but no more after the program was completed.

We are working on impacting additional outcomes every day in order to help people find optimal quality of life.

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