Nori Health announces appointment of Christian Vogel as Chief Technology Officer

Nori Health is excited to welcome Christian Vogel to the co-founding team of the company, as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In this role he will lead the technology and development side of Nori Health. Christian is a natural born entrepreneur with a passion for directing and leading technical teams. He loves building beautiful and innovative products with a meaningful mission like Nori Health.


He comes on board with over 20 years of hands-on experience, leading teams of motivated developers and designers at companies such as Nine Connections – a smart news network that delivers personalized breaking news through a web-based news feed app,, and Savoury Software.


Christian also completed a certification in coaching, making for a perfect union with Nori Health, blending tech with the human touch. His goal as Nori Health’s CTO is to ensure a smooth and pleasant user experience. In addition, he strives to improve the quality, presentation, and functionality of the app by working alongside gamification and health experts.


As Christian puts it, “Nori Health’s mission of helping people who are in a tough place really speaks to me, and I hope to help bring innovation for a great experience to our users.


These improvements are aligned with Nori Health’s 2022 goals of establishing traction with patients, improving activation measurements, and setting up a trial for clinical validation. Christian will also be a key player in setting up tracking systems to measure key metrics for outcome reporting and plans to grow the development team by hiring supporting members.


Fun fact: when not working on Nori Health, Christian likes tuning his hifi set and fiddling with audio tools.


Again, welcome Christian.