Nori Health in 2022 – our vision for patients

It’s a new year and a perfect time for new opportunities. As a company on a mission to improve the lives of those living with inflammatory conditions, we’re always looking ahead to find the best way to help. We’ve got an exciting year ahead and wanted to share our vision with you today.

Digging into digital therapeutics


The digital health market is expected to increase by ten times in the next three to five years. This will result in a projected market value of 9 billion dollars by 2025 – Insider Intelligence 


Digital therapeutics are companies or products that deliver evidence-based interventions to patients. When compared to standard healthcare, they are driven by technical programs to prevent or manage disorders or diseases.

The main driver for digital therapeutics is to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease. This is done with software, hardware, or programs. The goal is to engage users so they actually use and enjoy the product.

We believe that digital therapeutics will become part of treatment and standard practice as patients will receive modern therapies including digital tools, monitoring, support platforms and more.


Driving medication adherence

Medication non-adherence for patients with chronic disease affects as much as 40-50% who are prescribed medications for chronic disease conditions. This is thought to cause at least 100,000 preventable deaths per year. This is why we see an essential need to focus on medication adherence moving forward.

Combining digital therapeutics with medications can improve health outcomes and benefit both the health of the patients and the success of Pharma companies. For patients, it helps increase awareness of their condition, puts them in the driver seat of their treatment, and helps them adhere to medication adherence.


Increasing Pharma partnerships

Pharma partnerships will be one of the most impactful ways to ultimately benefit patient care.

The world of Pharma is a challenging one to break into. Particularly in the fields of digital therapeutics, start-ups can bring innovative and creative approaches and out-of-the-box thinking to solving current difficulties. Pharmaceutical companies will have a centric role in treatment, but the offering will expand through partnerships in the digital space to enable a modern treatment which includes much more than medication alone. As Pharma is moving towards being much more patient-centric and value-based, there is a growing value for patients and their outcomes. We aim to support this development by providing digital companions that empower and extend traditional treatments.


Credibility through clinical trial

Clinical trials are important for discovering new treatments for different diseases or conditions. In addition to testing new methods, these trials can give accurate guidelines and methods for the nature and cause of conditions and how to best treat patients.

In addition to the already promising results of the program, Nori Health will run a clinical trial to study the impact of the digital program on different patient outcomes. Nori Health has a dedicated team of experts to ensure that the 6-week comprehensive health program is up to date with recent scientific research and best practices for inflammatory conditions such as Crohn’s or colitis. We are working with a research organization and multiple hospitals in The Netherlands in 2022 to increase our research efforts and establish the clinical evidence needed to bring Nori Health to the hands of as much patients as possible.


Making it fun with gamification

Gamification is not just a game, it’s a strategy to help increase user engagement. Nori Health currently has a comprehensive program, but of course, this can’t benefit the user unless it’s engaged with on a regular basis. This year we worked with field specialists to add easy-to-access tips to increase the likelihood of activity and healthy habit building.

The gamification revamp also upped the quality of the app, including visual aspects such as program completion markers. This helps the user get acknowledgment for the hard work that they’ve done.

Moving forward, we plan to develop many more gamification elements to ensure a positive experience for the people interacting with our digital program.


Increasing awareness

As an early stage company working on an innovative product, developed by patients for patients, we have the opportunity to make ourselves heard in the media quite often. We’re excited about that of course and appreciate the support we are getting. We will be using this opportunity to increase our focus on improving awareness in 2022 about IBD, the people living with IBD on a daily basis, and the need for innovation in treatment.


We wish you the best of health for 2022 and beyond, in what will hopefully be a more safe and social year ahead. Thank you for being part of our community. Follow our pages on LinkedIn or Twitter to stay updates as we move ahead. Thank you.