Instructions of use

Please note: this page does not include all information for the Nori Health application usage. Patients will receive access to additional instructions of use upon registration. Clinicians will receive ongoing training (onsite or digitally) or email and phone-based customer support.

Intended use

Nori is a computer-controlled coach, which is intended for chronically ill patients to improve their quality of life with an adapted lifestyle. This is done in eight weeks by informing patients about healthy lifestyle choices, teaching healthy routines and being available 24/7 as a confidential mediator, using scientifically validated questionnaires.

Nori Health is intended for patients:
– whose primary language is English or Dutch,
– who have access to an iPhone or Android device, or a desktop,
– who have internet access,
– who are familiar with using apps,
– who are able to use apps regularly, and upload questionnaire data periodically.

What is Nori Health?

Nori Health™ is an 8-week digital therapy program guided by a chat coach. Patients have chat conversations with the digital coach for educational purposes. Participants receive content related to direct and indirect factors that could potentially impact their condition and quality of life – such as diet, hydration, stress, and mental health. By better understanding their condition and the factors relating to their condition, patients can make habit changes to better accommodate their personal situation.

How to start using the Nori Health application

– You will receive an Access Code when ‘prescribed’ the app through one of our partners. Your specialist or nurse for example.

– Use the Access Code during the registration process to activate your designated program for free.

– You will receive an email with additional instructions of use.

– Set up your account by entering the (optional) personal details and account preferences, such as the ability to save your conversation history for future reference.

– After registration, you will access your personal ‘dashboard’ where you can monitor your personal progress, start a conversation with coach Nori, or report a possible flare-up.

– Click ‘Talk to Nori’ to start a conversation with the digital coach.

– Click ‘Help! I’m in a flare-up’ to report bouts of inflammation or pain to the digital coach and to receive tips for direct relief.

Please note that the Nori Health application is not intended to replace any medical treatment or medical advice. In case of medical symptoms or emergencies always contact your doctor or specialist.

– You will receive a periodical request to complete a brief questionnaire to help monitor your progress.

– Click ‘Settings’ to change and save your personal settings.

Supported operating systems

– iOS (mobile app)
– Android (mobile website application)
– Windows/Mac (website application)

Additional support

For additional support with using the Nori Health application, you can contact the support team via email at or by phone at +31634861402.