Your host for Awareness Week

Lisa Booth is a leading health expert and dietitian. Lisa has coached IBD & IBS sufferers for years in her work for, 8fit and now Nori Health.

She understands the challenges people with a chronic disease have to deal with, and helps them discover habit changes that promote an optimal quality of life. During Awareness Week 2019 she will answer all of your questions.

What you can do

The week is about raising awareness around gut health and the best ways to support the IBD/IBS community. Share this page with your followers to get them engaged as well.

Live webinar: Managing pain through nutrition

Lisa will host a live session on Monday the 2nd of December to mark the start of Awareness Week 2019. She will teach you simple ways to manage pain through nutrition and you will have the chance to interact with her. It’s free of course.

View the Webinar recording here >

Ask Lisa anything. Get answers, finally.

During Awareness Week, Lisa will answer questions from the community, related to nutrition and pain management. Scroll down to see more. You can already submit your question – you will receive email updates about answers.

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Ask Lisa anything. See all open questions (and answers) below.

This opens on December 2 but you can already submit your questions to get ahead of the queue.

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